27 Ways to Maximize Your Mudroom

by ciampeathehomedesignings

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Ready or not, fall is almost here. Soon scorching temps, cloudless skies, and glasses full of chilled rosé will give way to colder conditions, rainy forecasts, and mugs filled with mulled wine. All this to say, now’s the time to start prepping your mudroom for autumn before the leaves start falling and the seasonal shift officially sets in.

We can all agree that ample seating, plenty of storage, and a heavy-wearing rug are integral to an efficient mudroom. If your space lacks just one of these things, getting out of the door on time becomes a hassle. So, in an effort to help you prepare your space for the coming season, we’re breaking down 27 ways to maximize a mudroom ahead.

Next up, these IKEA entryway ideas are interior designer-approved.

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