8 Designer-Approved Bedroom Layouts That Never Fail

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The Kids’ Command Center

 Pure Salt Interiors

The Layout: Proof positive that a small space can still hold major wow-factor. “This is probably one of our favorite kid’s bedrooms that we’ve designed to date, as our clients wanted to do something super unique for their son to make his room feel special,” says Lincoln. “Since we didn’t have a large floor plan to work with, we decided to build up and add functionality to the walls!”

The Bed: A smaller bed was just right for this space, both because of its dimensions and its pint-sized inhabitant. But the details make a big impact: the pegboard system extends to behind the bed, keeping the cushioned headboard securely in place with sewn-on peg loops.

The Extras: Without a doubt, the pegboard system is the crown jewel of this cool bedroom. “With this fully custom pegboard wall feature, we were able to add extra wall storage, a built-in desk, and didn’t have to cram a lot of furniture into a small space to make it functional,” Lincoln explains. “The end result is an incredibly cool room that still feels open & airy!” 

 Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Jessica Alexander

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