Cozy Up With One of Our Favorite Down Comforters

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We’re not ashamed to say that we’ve spent a solid portion of the past few months binge-watching in bed. Trust us, we’ve learned a few things, from snack hacks to Netflix’s top content to how no movie night is complete without some extra-cozy bedding to cuddle up in. And there is nothing cozier than a plush, cloud-like down comforter. 

Down comforters are filled with the feathers of ducks or geese, giving them their fluffy feel and appearance while providing superior insulation and warmth. The specific level of warmth of any down comforter is usually determined by its “fill” or “fill power,” which is the amount of down per ounce. Typically, the higher fill, the warmer the comforter. To help everyone level up their snuggle sessions—whether they’re hot sleepers, cold sleepers, or just searching for the fluffiest option—we found the best down comforters that are ethically and responsibly sourced.

Here, the best down comforters on the market.

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