Ditch the Air Mattress—These Sleeper Sofas Will Do Your Guests Right

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You never know when someone is going to want (or need) to crash at your place—whether it’s an old friend coming into town or your bestie who had too much to drink on girls’ night—and while you could just drag out an air mattress on these occasions, investing in a sleeper sofa might be a more comfortable option. 

Sleeper sofas are unbelievably convenient for those times when you have unexpected guests, as they transform from a cute couch into a comfy bed in mere seconds—no air pump required. You can find sleeper sofas available in lots of different sizes and styles, too, so you won’t have to compromise your aesthetic to fit the functional piece into your home.

If you’re ready to kick your old couch to the curb, here are the best sleeper sofas to add to your living space.

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