Schedule That Sleep-In: 8 Easy Ways to Make Your Bed Sinfully Cozy

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The only thing better than crawling into bed after a long day is crawling into a seriously comfy, cozy bed fit for royalty (or maybe a five-star resort). If you think that fabulous beds are merely the stuff of dreams, think again. With the right elements, you can create an unbelievably cozy bed to serve as your sanctuary each and every night.

These elements include obvious pieces like a mattress that fits your needs, high-quality sheets, and comfortable pillows. Once you’ve got the basics, it’s time to make everything a bit cozier with a few stylish decorative pillows, throw blankets, perhaps a new duvet cover, and maybe even a proper bed frame.

Once you’re finished, you’ll be hard-pressed not to hit the snooze button at least a few times before getting out of your luxurious bed in the morning. But, hey, that’s the price you pay for having a truly cozy bed to sleep in each night.

Keep scrolling for 9 ways to completely upgrade your bedding into a seriously luxe situation. Here’s what you need.

Start With a Supportive Mattress

The Mattress

The Mattress, Queen


Specifically created with comfort, support, and sustainability in mind, this mattress from Parachute has it all. It features ergonomic zones designed to relieve pressure while aligning your spine and it’s made of New Zealand wool and organic cotton. Sweet dreams await.

Mattress, Queen

Tuft & Needle
Original Mattress, Queen


When it comes to direct to consumer mattresses, Tuft & Needle should be on your list. The brand’s mattresses are made of special foam made to relieve pressure, provide support, and keep you cool while you sleep thanks to a bit of heat wicking graphite and cooling gel—don’t take our word for it, read one editor’s honest review.

Invest in a Mattress Protector

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Protector

Brooklyn Bedding
Luxury Cooling Queen Mattress Protector


You can’t achieve a truly cozy bed without a mattress protector. It is quite possibly the most underrated part of your bedroom setup but one of the most crucial to ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Why? Well, if you invest in a protector like this one from Brooklyn Bedding it not only provides a little extra padding but it has a cooling effect thanks to a conductive material that draws the heat out and away from your body. Studies show that sleeping in a cool room, around 65 degrees, is the ideal temperature for sleep so this will be a lifesaver in those hot summer months coming up.

Coyuchi mattress topper protector

Organic Queen Mattress Pad


This Coyuchi version is a twofer. It’s a mattress protector and a topper in one. And what I really love about this one is that it’s made from 100% organic cotton, sourced and woven in India. That’s two-inches of 220 percale bliss every night. Yes, please.

Purchase a Real Bed Frame

Woven Brown Suede Bed

Woven Brown Suede Queen Bed


Give your room a luxe makeover with this woven brown suede bed frame. It serves up major mid-century modern vibes with unique details sure to catch the eye.

Upgrade Your Sheets

Percale Top Sheet

Percale Top Sheet, Queen


A new set of sheets can completely transform the way your bed feels. If you’re in need of a refresh, consider this set of percale sheets from Parachute. Made of 100% Egyptian cotton for a lightweight feel, it doesn’t get much cozier than this.

Soft Linen Sheet Set in Navy Chambray

Soft Linen Queen Sheet Set, White


Brooklinen is another destination to know for high-quality sheets. This linen set is made in Portugal and stonewashed for serious softness. They’ll look and feel luxe in any bedroom.

Invest in Great Pillows

Down Pillow Inserts

Down Standard Medium Pillow


It’s no secret that Parachute offers high-quality bedding and these down pillows are no exception. Filled with European white down, the pillows come in three different densities so that you can get the specific kind of support you’re looking for.

Extra Soft Down Pillow

Soft Density Goose Down Hotel Pillow, Standard


According to the reviews on Amazon, this extra soft down pillow is one of the best. It’s hypoallergenic, machine washable, and made of cotton for a comfortable night’s sleep. If you’re not convinced, check out the reviews on Amazon; they speak for themselves.

Indulge in Luxe Pillow Cases

Pure Silk Pillowcase in Caramel

Pure Silk Pillowcase, Queen


It doesn’t get more luxe than a silk pillowcase. The material boasts benefits for your hair and skin while looking chic.

Ultrafine 600 Thread Count Pillowcases

Donna Karan
Ultrafine 600-Thread Count Pillowcase, Pair


If silk isn’t for you, opt for a high-quality cotton pillowcase to lay your head on each night. This one from Donna Karan is made of 100% cotton with a thread count of 600.

Find a Plush Duvet Insert

Down Duvet

All Season Down Duvet, Queen


Although the design of the duvet cover is important, it’s really the insert that makes for a cozy bed. This fluffy insert is filled with European white down for a plush, warm piece of bedding.

Down-Alternative Duvet Insert

Down-Alternative Duvet Insert


For a down-alternative duvet insert, turn to this option from Pottery Barn. Although it appears heavy and fluffy, it’s made with moisture-wicking fibers that will keep you cool through the night.

Pick the Perfect Duvet Cover

Anthropologie Textured Chevron Duvet Cover

Textured Chevron Duvet Cover, Queen


If you’re not afraid of a bit of pattern, consider this embellished, striped duvet cover from Anthropologie. It features navy stripes and simple, yet eye-catching ties in a chic shade of ochre.

Linen Duvet Cover in Blush

Linen Queen Duvet Cover, Blush


Quite possibly the most enjoyable part of redesigning a bedroom, picking out the right duvet cover allows you to let your design sensibilities show. If you’re a minimalist with a penchant for solids, go for something like this simple linen duvet cover.

Add Throw Blankets

Coziest Throw in Iron

Coziest Throw


You can’t have a cozy bed without a few throw blankets for warmth in the wintertime and style throughout the hotter months. This space-dyed number with playful fringe would look lovely strewn across your bed.

Toss on a Few Throw Pillows

Round Pintuck Pillow in Mustard

Urban Outfitters
Round Pintuck Pillow


No cozy bed is complete without a few throw pillows. This mustard pintuck pillow would look chic paired with a simple duvet cover and a few more decorative pillows.

Quilted Velvet Oversize Lumbar Throw Pillow

Room and Board
Velvet Oversize Lumbar Throw Pillow


This quilted velvet lumbar pillow from Target’s Project 62 brand is just the thing to refresh your bedding. We love the forest green hue and modern design.

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