These Modern Kitchen Cabinets Will Have You Saying Goodbye to Open Shelves

by ciampeathehomedesignings

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Ah, open shelving—one day you were nowhere to be found, and the next day, you were the essence of every Instagrammable kitchen, the topic of entire Pinterest boards filled with deftly styled vignettes of cookbooks, ceramics, and trailing plants. Almost overnight, it seemed that every home worth its re-pins was spilling over with airy displays arranged just-so. But lately, we’ve been craving a return to cabinets—not just for the obvious practical reasons (hello, dust…) but also for the sleek and streamlined look they offer a kitchen. (It’s also a lot easier to “fake” a clean and cohesive look when all your cookware isn’t on display 24/7.)

But we’re not hankering for just any cabinets. A new class of ultra-modern styles has emerged, and it’s hitting the spot, if you ask us. Often hardware-less and subtly Scandi-inspired, these new cabinet styles feel fresh and lend an instantly pulled-together, polished look to any kitchen. Let’s face it—if they’re going to displace open shelving as the new crowd favorite, they have to be compelling. Equally popular? On the opposite end of the spectrum, hardware-lovers will rejoice at seeing oversized bar-style drawer pulls take center stage—literally—proudly displayed across the face of cabinets to bring a fresh new look to the kitchen.

No matter which side you lean toward—minimalist and sleek, or decidedly hardware-happy—we’re sure there are a few cabinetry ideas that will spark some inspiration. Here are our favorite modern cabinet styles that have us considering a full kitchen remodel right now.

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