This Kitchen Cabinet Trend Is Never Going Out of Style

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Recent years have brought us so many new kitchen cabinet trends—from the super-saturated shades of blue that took over the industry, to the controversial arrival of two-tone (sometimes called “tuxedo”) cabinets, to the advent of the now-beloved “contrast island“, and beyond. But there’s one cabinet trend that really never goes out of style, and we think it’s long overdue for some appreciation: white cabinets.

Stay with us, here. While other cabinet fads come and go, white is a beloved classic for a reason. It’s versatile, it lets the beauty of your millwork show through (whether traditional, shaker-inspired, or minimalist and modern), and it’s incredibly easy to live with for years to come. A quick swap of hardware or a new backsplash, and boom—your kitchen looks brand new again.

But just because white cabinets are a classic, that doesn’t mean they don’t require some careful design choices. Not all shades of white are created equal (as we’ve documented thoroughly in the past), and there are still so many variables to consider when crafting a dream kitchen that will age beautifully with time.

That’s where our inspo comes in. Click through to see our favorite kitchens with white cabinets—there’s something to suit every style.

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